Yo mama jokes

Yo mama jokes are a special type of one-liner jokes that mostly begin with 'Yo Mama's so...'
It is derived from the insulting of one's mother (or a suitable alternate relative) in an American accent.
The initial, Yo Mama (Your mother) can be combined with most types of insults which are suggestive of stupid or foolish behavior.

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category: Yo mama jokes41.

Yo Mama so poor I saw her with one shoe in the garbage can and I said, "Did you lost a shoe."
And she said, "Nope I just found one."

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category: Yo mama jokes42.

Yo mama is so fat she doesn't need the internet.
She is already WORLD WIDE!

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category: Yo mama jokes43.

Yo mama is fat, she got a triple-double chin.

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category: Yo mama jokes44.

Yo mama so ugly when she takes baths water hops out.

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category: Yo mama jokes45.

Your Mamma's so stupid she stole a free sample!

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category: Yo mama jokes46.

Yo mama is so hairy, Kingkong got jealous.

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category: Yo mama jokes47.

Yo moma so stupid, she thought taco bell was a phone company.

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category: Yo mama jokes48.

Yo mama is so ugly she made a blind kid cry.

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category: Yo mama jokes49.

Yo mama so dumm that she drowned in a Mexican wave.

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category: Yo mama jokes50.

Yo mama is so stupid, when I offered her animal crackers she said no thanks, I'm a vegetarian.

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jokes: 41 - 50 of 126 |previous jokes1234 5 6789next jokes

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