Sport jokes

Sport jokes are jokes about sport discipline, game or particullar physicall activity.
Jokes also including profesional sportsmen and amateur sportmen doing sport just for fun or for to stay in good physical condition as other members of sport family (coaches, fans, referees .....)

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category: Sport jokes11.

4 men were stranded in a desert.
Suddenly, 1 of them died.
The other 3 decided that the only way to survive was to eat the dead body.
The 1st man said, "I support Liverpool, so I'll eat his liver."
The 2nd man said, "I support Manchester, so I'll eat his chest."
The 3rd man said, "I support Arsenal... but I'm not very hungry!"

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category: Sport jokes12.

A man went to doctor, "Doctor every night in my dream I am playing soccer."
Doctor say, "Take these pills, they will help you sleep better."
The man, "I can't take them, tonight is the final game."

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category: Sport jokes13.

A couple of years ago the english national team was about to start training in preparation for an important qualifying match when the manager at the time, Sven-Goran Eriksson, discovered a big turd in one of the penalty areas on the practice pitch.

- Ok boys, he said, who's shit on the ground?
Emile Heskey replied:
- Me coach, but I'm good in the air!

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category: Sport jokes14.

What are Real Madrid fans going to do after they win the "Copa del Rey"?

R : Shut down the play-station

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There were 3 women going into a bus
The first one dropped her wallet and had blue pants on and the bus driver said u must support Chelsea.
An hour later another women went on a bus and dropped her bag and as she bent down she had red pants on, so the bus driver said you must support Manchester united.
Then straight after another women walked in and fell and had no pants on so the bus driver said you must support Arsnal.

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category: Sport jokes16.

Why did Jesus quit playing hockey?

Because he kept getting nailed to the boards.

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Q. How many aerobics instructors does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Four!...Three!...Two!...One!

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category: Sport jokes19.

A student went to class late, so the teacher asked him, "Why are you late?"
He told her, "I was dreaming of a Manchester United football match."
But that did not make any sense for the teacher so she ask, "Still why are you late?"
He answered, "Because there was extra time."

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category: Sport jokes20.

Paddy asks Murphy, 'Why do scuba divers fall off their boats backwards?"
Murphy replies, "If they fell forwards they'd still be on the f*cking boat!"

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