School jokes

School jokes are based on the interaction between teacher and students as well as amongst students themselves. Jokes are mostly are situated in school, university or dormitories.

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Teacher in class: Can anyone tell me what do you get if you subtract four apples from seven apples?
John: Where are the apples?

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Ms.Battle: Henry, I hope I didn't see you copying Casey's math test.
Henry: I hope you didn't either.

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Q: What comes befor 8?
A: My school bus usually.

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The teacher said to Danny: "Why are you in the floor?"
Danny said: "Because you said to do this Math problem without Tables."

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The teacher said to Merisa, "What important in the 1700's people did not have that we have Today."
Merisa said, "ME."

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One day the kids in Ms. Evans science class was disagreeing with her.
Ms. Evans was talking about evolution. Ms. Evans was and atheist so she didn't believe in God.
Then Johnny raised his hand and said, "But I thought God created mankind?"
Ms. Evans then replied, "Well can you see God?"
"Hear God?"
"Feel God?"
"No." This went on for quite a while.
"Well then God doesn't exist."
Then Johnny whispered back to his friend Jimmy, "Can you see Ms. Evan's brain. No, so that must not exist."

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Stone age: a group of children are sitting around the tree and one grown up is teaching them how to bring down the fruit with a rock.
Then all the children try to do that on their own. After everyone's done they separates into a small groups and walks home.
One of them complains, "I hate those physics".

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teacher asked : Why are you late for school?
Johnny: Because of the Sign.
Teacher : What Sign?
Johnny : The sign that says "School ahead go slow"

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A student comes to a young professor's office hours. She glances down the hall, closes his door, and kneels pleadingly. "I would do anything to pass this exam."
She leans closer to him, flips back her hair, gazes meaningfully into his eyes. "I mean," she whispers, "I would do anything."
He returns her gaze. "Anything?"

His voice turns to a whisper. "Would you... study?"

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Teacher: If you eat fish?
Student: It's good for my eyes.
Teacher: If you don't eat fish?
Student: It's good for the fish!

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