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category: Computer jokes41.

Q: What is a astronaut's favorite place on the notebook?
A: The space bar!

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category: Kids jokes42.

Q: What is a banana's favorite gymnastic move?
A: The splits!

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category: Yo mama jokes43.

Yo mama is so dumb she makes u look like a genius.

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category: D*rty jokes44.

Why are there gates around the cemetery?
Because people are dying to get in.

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category: Religious jokes45.

A pastor was caught stealing in the church by a member of the church. This was the conversation between them
Pastor: Blessed are those who see and don't talk
Member: For they shall receive their share. Amen

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category: Blonde jokes46.

What do blondes and tornado's have in common?
There is a lot of blowing and sucking at first, but in the end you lose your home!

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category: Women jokes47.

Q: How do you wake up Lady gaga?
A: Poke her face.

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category: D*rty jokes48.

Whats the difference between being hungry and being h*rny?
Where you put the cucumber.

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category: Kids jokes49.

Q: What is a sheep's favorite sport?
A: Baaasket baaall!!!

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category: D*rty jokes50.

A guy walks into a pharmacy and buys a pack of condoms. The cashier asks him if he wants a bag. He responds, "No, she's not that ugly."

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jokes: 41 - 50 of 100 |previous jokes234 5 678next jokes

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