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category: Chuck Norris jokes

Chuck Norris truck doesn't run on fuel, it runs on fear.

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category: D*rty jokes

A guy says to his best friend "Oh man, I'm so scr*wed!"
His best friend asks him "Why are you scr*wed?"
The guy responds "Well my girlfriend took me out to dinner with her parents, and gave me a h*ndjob under the table..."
His friend says "DUDE Thats awesome! Why are you screwed though?"
The guy says "It was a glass table."

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category: Family jokes

A husband tells his wife, "Since it is your birthday, remember that yellow Lamborghini that you really wanted?". The wife screams in joy and starts crying tears of joy. Then the husband says, "Well I got you a toothbrush, same color".

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category: Chuck Norris jokes

Chuck Norris was once at the airport. The security told him to take off his shoes.
So Chuck said, "No".

And that was that!

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category: School jokes

Teacher: Has anyone heard of the word expensive?
Lily: Yes!
Teacher: When?
Lily: Just right now!

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category: School jokes

Teacher:¨Are you sleeping in my class¨?
Student:¨Well now I´m not but if you could be a little quieter I could¨

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category: Family jokes

In a maternity hospital the wife delivered a son.
The husband asked his wife: "I am white, you are white, why is it that the child is black?"
The wife replied: "I am hot and you are hot. The child must have been burnt"

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category: Political jokes

God created earth and heaven, the rest was made in China.

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category: Men jokes

A mother make her son intelligent in 20 years, but a woman can make him stupid in 30 seconds.

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category: Police jokes

There was a man named George driving in his car in the middle of the night, on a highway. He drives until he sees a stop sign, and slows down, but keeps going. A police officer sees this and pulls George over.

George: Is there a problem officer?
Police: Yeah. You just drove past a stop sign.
George: I slowed down, now if I will be on my way-

The police officer pulls him out of his car and begins beating George with his nightstick.

Police: Would you like me to slow down, or stop?!

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