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category: D*rty jokes61.

I bought a racehorse today, I called him My Face.
I don't care if he doesn't win, I just want to hear a load of posh twats shouting, "Come on My Face."

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category: D*rty jokes62.

A total naked woman rushed in a taxi. The taxi driver turned back and stared at her so keenly. The woman asked the taxi driver, "Why are you staring at me that way, haven't you ever seen a naked woman?" The taxi driver replied, "No, I just wonder where you have my money."

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category: Retirement jokes63.

I used to hate weddings, all the old ladies would prod me and say 'you'll be next !' They soon stopped that, when I started saying it to them at funerals !

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category: Political jokes64.

Mexicans cross the border 1....2....and 4 at one time, never 3. why?
Because the sign says - no tres passing.

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category: Computer jokes65.

Q: What does a baby computer call its dad?
A: Data

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category: School jokes66.

Teacher:(I killed a person.)tell me this sentence in future tense.
Student: In future tense, (You will go to jail.)

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category: Bar jokes67.

I was out for a drink with the wife last night and I said, "I love you".
She asked me, "Is that you or the beer talking"
I said, "It's me........I'm talking to the beer"!

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category: Kids jokes68.

Q: What is a bee that cant make up his mind?
A: A maybe.

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category: Yo mama jokes69.

Yo Mamas so stupid she was yelling into the mailbox. We ask her whats she doing and she said, she was sending a voice-mail.

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category: School jokes70.

Teacher: Name two days of the week that start with "t".
Pupil: Today and Tomorrow.

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